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Our Services

- Translation of any document from Persian to English including but not limited to:


* All Cards and Certificates including: Birth Certificates, ID Cards, Certificate of Completion of (or Exemption from) military Service....etc.

* Academic qualifications and degrees at all levels from Certificate Level to PhD and post-doctoral qualifications, Transcripts of Results....etc.

* Medical documents and certificates.

* Legal and court documents related, but not limited to property law, employment and contract law, immigration law, civil and criminal law, court orders and judgments, ...etc, including: property ownership and certificate of title, tenancy documents, residency and citizenship documents, employment contracts, separation certificates and referral letters, police checks, marriage, divorce and death certificates...etc.

* Extracts from newspapers and books...etc.

...and so on.



- Translation of any document from English to Persian including but not limited to: 


* Medical, Legal, Court, Police and Law enforcement agencies' documents, Court orders and judgements, Insurance Claims, extracts from newspapers and books (including academic books), Community and Refugee organisations' documents, Immigration & visa application forms and documents, Centrelink documents, documents from different government organisations, departments and ministries...etc.


We provide translation services for our clients mainly in Australia, but also for other Persian or English-speaking clients internationally.

Experience and Quality - Accuracy, Confidentiality and adherence to the code of ethics and Reasonable Fees

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