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Our Translator

Foad Ferdowsian is an experienced NAATI Certified Bidirectional Professional Translator and Interpreter (Persian <--> English). He has lived, studied and worked in Australia for almost 37 years. He completed his entire tertiary education from commencement to the present time in English and in Australia.

His tertiary qualifications include:

-A Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering (BEng) from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute/University of Technology);

-A Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) from VUT (Victoria University)

-A Master Degree in Information Technology (MIT) from Deakin University

Other Education and Certifications:

-Foad also has a background in Biological/Medical Sciences.

-He is also a NAATI Certified Bidirectional Professional Translator and Interpreter (Persian <--> English)

Previously, he worked for many years, as a freelance Senior Analyst programmer on more than 20 projects for many companies and organisations in many different industries mainly in Australia but also in multiple countries abroad.

He has been working as a NAATI Professional Translator and Interpreter for countless number of Persian and English-Speaking clients from all walks of life, since 2013.


His NAATI accreditations, his multi-disciplinary Australian tertiary qualifications and education in English, living in Australia for almost 37 years, and the diverse range of industries he has experience working with, all make him uniquely qualified and well suited to provide excellent Translation Services for Persian and English-Speaking Clients.

Experience and Quality - Accuracy, Confidentiality and adherence to the code of ethics and Reasonable Fees

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